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Stay Seated

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Be You

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Keep Studying

Keep Munching

On-Demand Delivery inside buildings and Indoor environments!

Fast, safe, and reliable - On-demand delivery of Coffee, Pastries, and Fruits- to your exact location/ seat number anywhere inside a building/ environment!




Crafted to your local environment.

MiMunch works in a number of speccialized local environments.

Office Parks


University Campuses




Make money anytime!

Learn about how MiMunch works!


We all know time is money. When a user uses MiMunch they are saving themselves time by having their food or beverage fix delivered to them!


Being a runner for MiMunch is like being a freelance delivery specialist. No matter which MiMunch certified environment you are in if you want to make money, all you have to do is flip a switch on our app and have fun raking it in! MiMunch only requires runners to perform deliveries within the boundaries (wifi network) of their current environment. MiMunch does not require a Car, insurance, or extra expenses (Gas, Tolls, etc). All you need is time and a pair of good running shoes!


MiMunch allows the foot traffic to be connected to their local environment's full variety of food and beverage offerings. Food and beverage stores can create an account onto their environment's MiMunch network and be able to :- upload their full menu, set their own prices, connect and link their POS system, receive analytics/ metrics, and be able to open a free e-commerce solution to share and to sell their products through.

If we all shop small, we can make a BIG difference!

Now with Mimunch, you are able to:- spend, eat, and drink locally-while making money! Mimunch is a wifi only platform that allows an environment to connect- its foot traffic with its food and drink resources! With mimunch->>we can all #win!

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We'd love to send you a FREE DEMO! Let us connect the gap between your Physical and Digital Business!!